Monday, April 03, 2006

Northern Cairngorms: Cairngorm (6)

Walk date: Summer 1992?
My Munro #s: 2/284

This Munro was the second undertaken with the folks, although by this time my brother had opted out from the annual camping ritual, strange boy. Despite its high-ranking in the Munro table, Cairngorm presents little trouble especially if the weather is even remotely reasonable. The skiing development means firstly that the car park is already 600m up, secondly that wide, well-trodden paths (pistes...) cross the hill and thirdly that just below the 150m push to the summit there is the Ptarmigan cafe serving hot chocolate! Once we were on the exposed summit the harsh hail of the Cairngorms introduced itself of course and we made a quick exit, but in honesty as long as you don't get naive with the navigation this is a hill that can be taken at leisure at the right time of year.

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