Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Portugal 2007-2008

And so having failed to learn their lesson last year, Sónia and the in-laws invited me again to spend New Year's with them this year. Actually, Sónia and I were in Lisbon for the night itself, but spent a lot of time in Porto too. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to give a full account again, but here for your perusal are the photo highlights. TTFN, G.

[For last year's more-detailed post, click on the 'Portugal' label and it'll appear below!]

The funky trams of Porto:

The 76m high Clérigos Church tower:

View from top, inc oversized Chrimbo tree:

Bells of same:

The friendly natives:

A city to smile about:

Sunset from the port-house Solar do Vinho do Porto:

Rather exposed pier down at Foz:

And this was a calm day!

Hardy souls at the lighthouse:

National dish baculau at the supermarket:

That over-compensating tree:

Now in Lisbon, recommended café A Brasileira:

Fernando Pessoa doomed to be a
tourist attraction for eternity:

Funky Lisbon funicular tram:

Lisbon from up high:

Good shadows:

A good example of the too common graffiti:

Castle shot 1:

Castle shot 2, mmm.

Yellow trams of Lisbon:

Alfama shot 1:

Alfama shot 2:

Alfama shot 3:

Alfama shot 4:

Alfama shot 5:

The sun going down over Lisbon:

Sintra shot 1:

Sintra shot 2:

"An Englishman in Sintra..."

Back in Lisbon, observation elevator:

World-famous Pasteis de Belem:


Café Majestic back in Porto, Fado performance ongoing!

Attempt at arty shot:

Last day and storms hit hard:

Vilo do Conde maritime museum (ex-Customs house):

A fantastic recreated 16th Century ship:


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Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Lovely pics! And it was grand you could make a trip on the return leg from Portugal to see us!

10 January 2008 at 19:05  
Blogger Scott said...

Great photos. I'm jealous.

I like the Alfama series best. Great shadows!

11 January 2008 at 14:22  
Blogger eric said...

Very Nice! I spent three days in Lisbon when I was 18 and it was just about the best three days of my life. I hope to go back with the Mrs. when my sons are a bit older.

Your photos brought back some fond memories. Great post!

15 January 2008 at 14:36  
Anonymous chrissie allen said...

Fabby pics George!A real pleasure to look at; as always.
Have a great 2008.

16 January 2008 at 11:53  
Blogger George Walks said...

Hello everyone! Sorry for no reply but I've bought an iMac and I'm still working on setting it up (it is nice and shiny though!). Plus, work has blacklisted blogs and Facebook so I have to pack all this stuff into already pressed hometime...

Lisa - It was excellent as always; superb venues, drink, food, people, music and film. What more can I say?

Scott - Alfama was gorgeous. There are many little restaurants where you can eat whilst watching a fado performance (in complete silence of course). Not cheap though...

Eric- Well travelled! If you go back to Portugal, it's definitely worth checking out Porto too. Gotta love those bridges...

Chrissie - You are very welcome, and the same back to you!

16 January 2008 at 20:09  
Blogger Ash said...

Impressive photos, the port-house Solar do Vinho do Porto pic is gorgeous.

20 January 2008 at 19:46  
Blogger George Walks said...

Thanks, it's even better with a waiter-poured port in hand!

22 January 2008 at 18:05  

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