Thursday, July 08, 2010

Loch Lochy, Loch Arkaig and Loch Eil: Gulvain (161)

Walk date: 27/05/10 (Thursday)
My Munro #'s: 195

Pronunciations - translations - heights:
Goolvan - filthy hill - 987m

Duration - 13:25 - 20:10
Distance - 21.4km
Total ascent - 1400m
Weather - Very lucky with weather: heavy rain during drive, and snow storms visible on neighbouring hills, but nothing on us while walking!
Team - Paul P and Bridget
Other hikers: none

Paul P, Bridget and George 'Knoydart and around' hiking 2010
The trouble with going to Knoydart was the travelling involved either side. This cost us a day's hiking on the way out, but on the way back we were determined to get one in. This led to an afternoon start on Gulvain, a reclusive hill off the A830 Mallaig to Fort William road. This hill would be straightforward with a bike each, but as that wasn't possible, we were faced with a long approach on foot along a fairly uninteresting forest trail.

Nonetheless, foot after foot eventually gives you what you want, and the solitary mound of Gulvain draws into view. A good path leads all the way up to a fine, and long, summit ridge. As would be expected, the actual peak is the second of the two, but in the knowledge that time wasn't going to be a limiting factor despite our initial concerns, it turned out to be a very pleasant stroll, especially as the dramatic weather we could see all around, remained a backdrop.

Chips in Fort William and a beer at Glen Nevis hostel was exactly what we wanted to close off Part I of this trip.

Finally, Gulvain comes into view:

Almost time to go up it!

On the crest, peak one of two revealing itself:

Keep going, more to do yet:

Looking back from the actual peak:

Who can resist a cairn picture?

Which way is the chip shop?

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