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Loch Treig and Loch Ossian: Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin (46) and Stob Coire Easain (39)

Walk date: 10/7/14
My Munro #'s: 255 and 256

Pronunciations - translations - heights:
Stop kora vane - peak of the middle corrie - 1105m
Stop kora esan - peak of the corrie of the little waterfall - 1115m

Duration - 10:30 - 18:20
Distance -  approx 15 km
Total ascent -  1100m
Weather - Hot, hot, hot again!  Less wind than the day before; no coats even for a stop on the second peak.
Team - with Paul P
Other hikers: none

Day 6 - Thursday

After the feat of the Grey Corries the day before, Paul and I would have been up for a lighter day, but don't be fooled by this hike only having two hills, as they are extremely high ones, and take some getting to!

We parked in Fersit, the tiny hamlet which had mocked us so much last year with our failed attempts on Stob Coire Sgriodain and Chno Dearg in storm conditions, but today we were heading due south instead to the western banks of Loch Treig, and we were hiking in baking sun.  

From the start my toes were giving me problems, with the very slightest downhill incline punishing me severely.  Without a defined route up onto Meall Cian Dearg, we headed up the good path to the marked sheepfold on the 1:25,000 and hoped it would lead to a good path for going further.  It did eventually, but only after a tour of the local bracken fields!  As a hint, head for the 'Pillar (Hydro)' marked on the same scale, and all will be good.

When I say good, I mean steep, but good.  The path winds intricately upwards and it's a good idea not to keep checking where you're headed, as it looks impossible, but possible it is, and before too long, you do reach some version of a lessened incline atop Meall Cian Dearg.

We had a nice rest there as we looked ahead, and enjoyed some good walking across the broad ridge.  Eventually, it does lead to a munro, which is kind of the point, and a fair push is needed to clamber upto Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin's stony top.

After that, it is fairly simple if the weather is good and your toes aren't ruined as you drop down on stony ground between the munros.  I had to take to walking sideways down the slopes, but you do what you must!

We had plotted a recommended route off the NW ridge of Stob Coie Easain, but it seemed much longer, and we quite fancied the idea of retracing our steps and getting back as soon as we could, so we could find the nearest quality pub for some much deserved grub!  By then my toes were burning, but the ale definitely helped!!

Taking a much deserved break at Meall Cian Dearg:

Looking down on Loch Treig:

Coming up on Stob Coire Easain:

Looking back on Mheadhoin from Easain:

Post-hike celebrations at the Stronlossit Inn:

Toe report:

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