Monday, October 12, 2015

The Bridge of Orchy Hills: Beinn Mhanach (211)

Walk date: 07/07/15
My Munro #'s: 267

Pronunciations - translations - heights:

Bynn vanach - monk hill - 853m

Duration - 13:15 - 17:20
Distance -  17.6 km
Total ascent -  752m
Weather - a little wet at the start, but turning better with even some sun at the end!  Windy on top.
Team - Paul P 
Other hikers: none!

Hike week 2015 - Day 4 - Tuesday

This day was forecast to be a day of lightning, so we had a late start with shops and coffee (man, it was boring!), while we sat it out.  Eventually things started to improve so we opted to have a look at this one as its low level approach followed by a simple up/down would allow us to turn around and get to safety the minute we felt unhappy.

I opted for my soft Merrells both because of the long walk-in and due to the sore feet after yesterday's strenuous descent.  The Merrells felt great for the walk-in apart from how wet I got as this approach takes you across endless fords which on this day had quite a lot of flow through them.  Within 10 minutes of leaving the car my feet were drenched!

As you can see from the plot we ventured a little to the east before ascending the munro itself.  This I would recommend as even the 600m of calmer grassy slopes here still required some work.  Just take an immediate left turn after crossing the wooden bridge on the track and get to it!  Before too long the summit is reached which provides good views despite its flat character.  For us it was a little cold here due to the wind so we didn't hang around much.

The fun part of all that ascent is the returning as, if your knees can take it, it's the perfect incline for a speedy jog!  For us 1 hour up from the track and just 25 minutes back!

Right at the start.  Get used to this track!

Ford number 2 I think...

Mhanach making an appearance, and that track again...

No, we didn't ford this one!  The route up starts just after the bridge:

Looking back down the glen:

Awalking we will go...

Getting stuck in:

Clearing up:

And this is your reward!

Cairn action:


An unexpected addition to the Clachaig:

Trip to the pub sir?

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