Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Arrochar Alps: Ben Vane (283), Beinn Ime (118) [and also BeinnNarnain - repeat]

Walk date: 19/06/16
My Munro #'s: 277 and 278

Pronunciations - translations - heights:

As spelt - unknown - 915m
As spelt - butter hill - 1011m

Duration - 09:15 and 17:15
Distance -  24.1km
Total ascent -  1569m
Weather - drizzly to full rain, sometimes blowly and sometimes calm.
Team - Paul P
Other hikers: several between Ime and Narnain.

Andrew and Paul hiking week 2016
DAY 2 - Sunday

This was a long day in the wet!  This hike can be done from the Loch Lomand side, but I quite fancied this Glen Kinglass start, especially as it was closer to our base at Inveraray.

Immediately after starting on a track off the road, the track has to be left for a river-crossing, and a steep and slippy-in-the-wet stile.  A rough path then goes through rough grass for a steep section of ascent, but we have to leave this when we got high enough for the turn to head toward the col of Beinn Chorronaich.  The climb to the col is tiring and there are no paths to speak of, but it's OK.

Once at the col, we descended down toward Lag Uaine over rough grass.  In the low visibility this wasn't simple, as we had to make a few detours to avoid some crags and cliffs.  

The ascent of Vane from this side is on more rough grass and the progress is fine despite the continued lack of paths.  There is a double top to Vane which was a little confusing in the cloud, but we managed both!  We returned to Lag Uaine for a late lunch before the return climb to the Beinn Chorronaich col this time without meeting any cliffs.  

We managed to find a path up Ime by heading up along when we reached its western cliffs.  We got the worse weather here, but made quick progress and the onward path to Narnain was fast as well.  

Our avoiding of Ime on the return worked out well, but there was again no path to speak of.  The descent was fine but the tufty grass did require great care for tired knees and ankles!

Lunch at Lag Uaine:The splendour of Lag Uaine!The weather improved enough at Narnain for a photo!

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