Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If you haven't already heard about it, there's this online music community thing out there called Although there are similar pages around, this one seems pretty good and it's the one I'm on which is why I'm plugging it. Basically, it's best suited for people who play their tunes through their computers, but it's also fun if you don't do this to go and check what your online mates are listening to IN REAL TIME. Yep, the autoscrobbler software links to your iTunes or WMP and updates your profile as you're listening and then builds up top artists, weekly top tunes, forms a personal radio station and all that. You can invite people to be your friends and you also get given neighbours and you can go and join groups of similarly minded people. You can also have fun by recommending Sonic Youth to people sat busy listening to Coldplay. All in all, this place is a haven for all us anal, alphabetised record collection type dudes! Thus, I recommend it and invite you all to be my chums. For tasters, you can go and check out my own listing here!


Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ha! Beardy George!

30 August 2006 at 18:03  
Blogger Whipster said...

Found this:

Felt it needed to be shared.

9 September 2006 at 14:52  

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