Saturday, September 23, 2006

10 Best Lines In Film

I was sat watching the fabulous Shaun of the Dead the other night and had a good old chuckle at the second appearance of the line, 'You've got red on you', that time of course referring to the blood splatterings of a knocked-off zombie, and I started thinking about my own favourite lines in films. I jotted a fair few down and below are a selected 10 from my list. This is of course by no means exhaustive, and definately by no means meant to impress, staying clear as I have of cuckoo speeches and contender lines that would have made me look great. Instead, it is a personal list, which will hopefully reflect something about me, and on that front I invite the formations of other lists for the same purpose. A final note, I kept this strictly to film in order to avoid a 50/50 list of X-Files and Buffy quotes. The same goes for you Rullsenberg!

In no order:

1. 'Dodge This' - Trinity to an agent as she sneaks up on him, thus saving Neo's life in The Matrix. Underdog human race gets one back. And in leather.
2. 'I know' - Jesse to Celine in Before Sunset, the best ending of any film, like ever.
3. 'My God, It's Full of Stars' - Dr Dave Bowman as he enters the stargate in Stanley Kubrick's 2001. Possibly the best harnessing of science fiction's potential for captivating the public's mind, taking the genre beyond spaceships and aliens to an embodiment of all that we do not understand, and all of it summed up in one line.
4. 'Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love' - Annie Hall. I had to pick just one Woody line, and this never fails to give a giggle with its self-effacing charm.
5. 'You are what you love, not what loves you' - mythical Donald Kaufman to Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation. Keeps me coming back to think, 'Hang on, that's pretty deep'. Hold your head up high people.
6. 'Were you in the shit?', 'Yes, I was in the shit' - exchange between Max and Herman in the delightful Rushmore referring to Herman's days in 'Nam.
7. 'This is from Mathilda' - Stansfield (Gary Oldman) gets his due (in his face) in the classic revenge/innocent-love tale that is Leon.
8. 'We want the finest wines available to humanity' - Withnail in Withnail & I, well I had to have one quote from it didn't I?
9. 'You've got red on you' - the uniquely British humour of Shaun of the Dead.
10. 'No one fucks with the King' - Elvis whilst fighting the giant cockroach-like pet of the Egyptian soul-sucking mummy in the bonkers-yet-utterly-brilliant Bubba Ho-tep, "thankyou very much".


Blogger Paul Fuzz said...

Samuel L Jackson as Jules, Pulp Fiction. Tarantino multi-level pop-trash exploito-post modernism in excelsis. "We're gonna be like three Fonzies. And what's Fonzie like?" "Cool?" "Correct-a-mundo." Of it's type, it don't get much better.
(I guess I really only chose this 'cos I've been watching Pulp Fiction this week and I'm all obsessed with it.)

24 September 2006 at 20:04  
Blogger George Walks said...

You'll be pleased to know then that 'Did you see a sign on the front of my house?' narrowly missed my list! But, come on, you've got another 9 to go (they can all be Pulp Fiction I guess!).

25 September 2006 at 08:59  
Blogger Neil said...

What no "Don't look in the trunk" or "let's get sushi and not pay".

25 September 2006 at 13:48  
Blogger George Walks said...

Or indeed, no 'You're just a suburban punk'...from the excellent Repo Man.

25 September 2006 at 14:19  
Blogger Rosby said...

"It's a veritable...vegetable...paradise!"

Wallace and Gromit must deserve a mention on there somewhere!

As well as these:

"I wish I knew how to quit you."


"Jack, I swear..."

And if you don't know what film those are from you should be ashamed. Ashamed!

25 September 2006 at 16:44  
Blogger Ash said...

Ah i love Repo-man!! Underrated gem.

I've not seen Before Sunset but "I know" from the empire strikes back is excellent and somewhat emotional too.

Another excellent line would be "Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast." from the original 1933, King Kong.

Also i love the line "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine." from Casablanca which has quite a few of the best lines in cinema. Another humphrey bogart quote would be Maltese falcon, "I'll slap you and your like it" or something to that effect.

Thanks for your comments on my blog by the way, and i have been searching for Lester Bang articles on the internet and found them to be an engrossing read. I might consider getting one of his books. Thank you.

25 September 2006 at 16:47  
Blogger George Walks said...

I guess the excellent 'What's wrong with Wensleydale?' should also get a mention.

As for Rosby's other two, it's Brokeback mountain, but where is the second line in it?

25 September 2006 at 17:03  
Blogger George Walks said...

Good call on Empire Ash. I did feel bad about missing out all Star Wars.

These are some good lines coming, I will do an update before too long.

25 September 2006 at 17:06  

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