Tuesday, September 26, 2006


A baby seal makes its escape!

I love waves!

Good advice down at the bay!

The moody sea!

After a great few days down in Yorkshire (see here), I got a little bored on the long weekend up here, but sorted myself out with a refreshing coastal walk up at the Forvie Nature Reserve at Newburgh. As you can see it was a rough day, but I wasn't minding being all in my wet weather gear. Nothing like the outdoors to get your head level again.


Blogger SimonHolyHoses said...

Ooh. The moody sea shot makes me feel like wrapping up warm George. Very evocative indeed.

6 October 2006 at 13:04  
Blogger George Walks said...

I know, I was seriously really pleased that it was a shit day when I was down there!

6 October 2006 at 17:31  

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