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Assynt and the Far North: Cape Wrath and Ben Hope (256)

Walk date: 29/06/11
My Munro #'s:

Before we get to the munro, we didn't feel we could be in this area and not take in the lonely north-weatern edge of Scotland. I say lonely because although a population did live there one, the penisula has long been abandoned, and indeed part of it now forms a RAF bombing range, perhaps there's a connection there? To visit, you have to get a trip in a tiny boat and then a bumpy 11 mile ride in a battered minibus. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but the boat and bus were full on our day!

Cape Wrath trip first:

Phew, no bombs today!

The boat!

The guy at the back is the skipper, he fishes while ferrying too!

All aboard the luxury bus!

The lighthouse is the only reason a road was built!

Now that's a fog-horn!

Big cliffs and rocks, hence a light-house!

Thataway are the UK's highest mainland cliffs!


Spot the nutter getting a closer look:

Nice arch:

We were there!

Pronunciations - translations - heights:
Byn hope - hill of the bay - 927m

Duration - 16:30 - 18:30
Distance - 11 km
Total ascent - 910m
Weather - mixed, mainly good but windy
Team - with Paul P
Other hikers: 3

Paul P and George 'Daddy Team' Hiking Trip 2011
Day 5 - Wednesday

Although it was late in the day after Cape Wrath, Ben Hope is a 2-hour outing and we were feeling lazy without a munro under our belts. We set off at a grand pace from a signposted car park with a clear path. This wasn't the start my book suggested, but it seemed to make sense to us, and besides we welcomed the break from driving on the tiny track we were on.
A quick burst of ascent gets you onto the back of Ben Hope and from there the pace is momentarily more chilled before getting back to business. Although the route is relatively steep it was just right with a bit of determination to keep it going all the way to the top. The path is clear and fast, with some rocks but nothing loose enough to give you issues. In just over an hour we were at the summit exhilarated and rewarded with some fine views over the north coast of Scotland including our overnight spot at Tongue and on to Orkney. Having taken in the views, and with such a good pace we couldn't help it but quickly turn it around and stomp on down, arriving at the car exactly 2 hours after setting out. Grand!
Up the back of Ben Hope:

Getting there:


Now that's a view!

A man and his trig point!

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