Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Arrochar Alps: Beinn Bhuidhe (216)

Walk date: 20/06/16
My Munro #'s: 279

Pronunciations - translations - heights:

Byn voo-ee - yellow hill - 948m

Duration - 08:55 to 15:15
Distance -  22.2 km
Total ascent -  1031m
Weather - Dry/light drizzle, some rain higher up and blowy for a spell on tops.  A nice dry finish.
Team - Paul P
Other hikers: no others.

No track data as I didn't save it!

Andrew and Paul hiking week 2016
DAY 3 - Monday

Very long walk-in along a hydro-quarry-farm-estate track which is variously tarmac, dirt-track etc. but it does allow very fast progress - we were 1.5 hours to the actual ascent path at the 'sheep dip' designated on the path.

The actual path is just before the sheep dip and just after the boarded-up Inverchorachan as marked-up on the map.  There is a wide-gate which gives access to a good path which winds up the aouth side of the gorge alongside impressively steep drops.  With just one little scrambling moment you reach a wider area under some impressive small waterfalls.  The path continues to wind upwards after crossing the river and then coming out onto a plateau where, bizarrely, there is a wide works track which had a JCB parked on it!  Ignore this track and cross it to where the thin path continues (we made a cairn!).

This plateau was wet and boggy and sometimes the path was hard to see, but it all comes together again ready for the next section of ascent.  This ascent is a little loose but it's OK.  However, the path on the very top is quite close to the edge with steep drop-offs so it wouldn't be the best for high wind.  With all the rain coming rain we didn't stay too long on the top and made our way back straight away.  Thankfully, we were rewarded with our work with a pint at the Fyne Brewery helpfully situated at the base of the walk.

The glen either way from the ascent path:

Various ascent views:

Fyne Brewery!

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