Friday, May 19, 2006

The Southern Cairngorms: Monadh Mor (40) and Beinn Bhrotain (19)

Walk date: 23/04/05
My Munro #'s: 20 and 21

Cairn Toul from Loch nan Stuirteag:

Monadh Mor from Beinn Bhrotain:

Beinn Bhroatain from Monadh Mor:

09:00-16:30. From Linn of Dee again, but this time going due west toward White Bridge. The weather today was hot from the start; almost no clouds around, but hazy on the tops. Still being without a bike, I plodded the long walk in, bending north-west at White Bridge (which is actually red!) getting into the hills. The good path from White Bridge soon ends and instead becomes a wide rough track which is surprisingly hard to walk on due to its spongey softness. The route turns west just before Devil's Point and finally starts to climb. Ascent to Loch nan Stuirteag is fun but slow and tiring and is rewarded with good views of Cairn Toul's back. Once on Monadh Mor (an easy walk from the Loch), the walking is even easier with just a brief boulder field upto Beinn Bhrotain. Descent down Allt Garbh was boggy and slow. Then a good stomp/jog back along original route in order to make it back in time for Jim's BBQ!

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