Monday, July 10, 2006

Glenshee and Lochnagar Hills: Carn an Tuirc (113), Tolmount (202), Tom Buidhe (204) and Cairn of Claise (71)

Walk date: 13/05/06
My Munro #'s: 80, 81, 82 and 83

Sonia asks, 'When will there be some features?'

The exciting summit of Tom Buidhe:

The southern arm of Cairn of Claise and the way home:

10:30-16:30. Hiking with The Sonia. The bright sunshine in Aberdeen was not a taster of things to come, as by the time the car was parked the world of Glenshee had a predominantly grey theme. A short walk from the Sean Spittal bridge alongside the road soon turned ENE but kept on a good path for a while with little climbing. At Old Shielings look out for a subtle swing upwards off this path towards the target target, Carn an Tuirc. Various good routes lead up steep grass slopes which become firm scree/small boulder fields flattening out just short of the summit.

From Carn an Tuirc, the obvious hill you can see is Cairn of Claise, but patience is required. First you need to head east and make your way over grass land and some bog to reach Tolmount. Little further effort from here gets you onto Tarn Buidhe, just 1 km away.

With three down, some more easy walking up grass slopes brings you suddenly onto the rocky summit of Cairn of Claise with good views down into the corrie. From here you can eaither swing north or south of the corrie back to the car. We took the southern route as it is actually featured on the map, but north didn't look to be a problem from my point of view.

Overall a cold day with some light snowfall and patches on the ground. Nothing technically demanding. If anything a little bland and busy, but at the same time a six hour walk taking in four Munros can't be knocked!

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