Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Portugal 2007-2008

And so having failed to learn their lesson last year, Sónia and the in-laws invited me again to spend New Year's with them this year. Actually, Sónia and I were in Lisbon for the night itself, but spent a lot of time in Porto too. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to give a full account again, but here for your perusal are the photo highlights. TTFN, G.

[For last year's more-detailed post, click on the 'Portugal' label and it'll appear below!]

The funky trams of Porto:

The 76m high Clérigos Church tower:

View from top, inc oversized Chrimbo tree:

Bells of same:

The friendly natives:

A city to smile about:

Sunset from the port-house Solar do Vinho do Porto:

Rather exposed pier down at Foz:

And this was a calm day!

Hardy souls at the lighthouse:

National dish baculau at the supermarket:

That over-compensating tree:

Now in Lisbon, recommended café A Brasileira:

Fernando Pessoa doomed to be a
tourist attraction for eternity:

Funky Lisbon funicular tram:

Lisbon from up high:

Good shadows:

A good example of the too common graffiti:

Castle shot 1:

Castle shot 2, mmm.

Yellow trams of Lisbon:

Alfama shot 1:

Alfama shot 2:

Alfama shot 3:

Alfama shot 4:

Alfama shot 5:

The sun going down over Lisbon:

Sintra shot 1:

Sintra shot 2:

"An Englishman in Sintra..."

Back in Lisbon, observation elevator:

World-famous Pasteis de Belem:


Café Majestic back in Porto, Fado performance ongoing!

Attempt at arty shot:

Last day and storms hit hard:

Vilo do Conde maritime museum (ex-Customs house):

A fantastic recreated 16th Century ship:


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